MAAP Premium Cycling Apparel

MAAP is critical in helping us achieve a clean vibe by combining iconic with modern aesthetics in the team uniform, as their brand mission is to develop the art and progression of cycling. They are the masters of design who not only strive for unique designs, but extreme quality in their materials.

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Combining a rugged off-road European sport, with an iconic brand such as MINI has been a perfect fit. Most people aren't aware of how off-road, and spacious the MINI Countryman truly is. MINI is a progressive brand as a whole. They strive to push the limits of modern living with keeping sustainability in mind... check out the first all-electric MINI lineup! The brand is a leader in supporting equality and LGBTQ events.

Not only that.. It’s guts. It’s pickup. Power to pass and weave. The drive to be fast is as important as the drive itself. Everything the brand stands for aligns with the values of this cyclocross program.

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Trek Bicycle

Trek aligns well with our vision for the program as they are one of the leading cycling industry brands who has a huge mission of getting more women and kids involved in cycling. As we all believe the world is #BetterWithBikes. Trek's love for the sport of cyclocross is unparalleled, and we're blessed to be partnered with this crew.


Muc-Off is the work horse of the lineup; as keeping bikes and gear clean is one of the most critical aspects of racing cyclocross. The sport of cyclocross races rain or shine, and some events consist of half-lap bike changes during the race. Have Muc-Off in our pockets has been vital.


SILCA provides the program with the highest quality tools, and pump setups in the industry. Keeping tire pressure totally dialed is critical with changing weather and course conditions. We have also launched the Raylyn x SILCA Great Athlete bar tape campaign providing young athletes that demonstrate qualities of greatness with a roll of Nastro Fiore bar tape.


Ortlieb outfits us with water-proof luggage. Racing in extreme conditions is typical for the sport of cyclocross, and having quality bags to keep everything dry is extremely important.

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